New Applicant registration


There are several requirements to become a chiropractor in NL including graduation from a recognized chiropractic education program and completion of all applicable Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board (CCEB) exams. 


For Chiropractors that are currently licensed to practice in another Canadian jurisdiction: Applicants who currently hold a license to practice chiropractic in another jurisdiction in Canada may be eligible for registration on the basis of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT). It is recommended that applicants maintain current practising status in their registered jurisdiction of practice during the application process for NL as it will greatly simplify your application.  You may cancel your registration in the other Canadian jurisdiction once your registration in NL becomes finalized.


Applications expire and are closed if they remain incomplete or the applicant is not granted status within six months of the date of initial submission. All required documentation must be received before your application will be processed.


To apply for registration in Newfoundland and Labrador, you are required to forward all documents as outlined in the Newfoundland and Labrador Chiropractic Regulations, Section 5.02 – 5.05. This includes:


  • Birth Certificate
  • $150.00 application fee
  • License verification, if applicable
  • 2 recent, passport style, photographs
  • 3 letters of reference
  • All university, chiropractic, and CCEB transcripts
  • Signed Affidavit
  • Form A
  • Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sectors Certificate


Please thoroughly read the Act and Regulations to confirm all requirements for application are included, as it is the applicants responsibility to forward completed documentation.

Upon receipt of the required documents and once eligibility has been determined, applicants are required to successfully complete a jurisprudence examination which is administered by the registrar or an authorized representative of the NLCB. Only upon completion of this examination and having satisfied all other requirements including payment of all applicable registration fees is an applicant considered eligible for registration.


Registration Renewal

All chiropractors who are registered as a full registrant or a non-practicing registrant of the NLCB must complete the following no later than the applicable registration deadline each year:

  • Complete the NLCB online registration process for either an incorporated or non-incorporated practice
  • Payment of the applicable registration fee
  • Payment of any other fees, debt or levy owed to the NLCB
  • Proof of professional liability protection or insurance in an amount acceptable to the NLCB.
  • provide any other required forms or documentation as requested by the registrar or authorized NLCB representative